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One to One Counselling


Does This describe you?

- are you a person who wants to live a more authentic life, but are struggling with issues that keep you stuck or repeated patterns.

- Do you feel sadness, grief, anger or worry.

- do you experience feeling trapped, uneasy or have difficulty making decisions

would you like to feel  -----

- Alligned with who you truly are, experiencing more Joy, relatedness and flow

- Comfortable in your body.

- more connected to people in your life

- more successful in your professional life and personal life.

I have had expereince dealing with various issues including:

Abuse, Anxiety, Bereavement, BUllying, Depression, Family Issues, Generalised anxiety disorder, low self confidence, Low self esteem, Physical abuse, redundancy, relationship, Suicidal thoughts, Sexual abuse, Stress. Trauma, Terminal illness, work related issues,  

Please contact me if you feel I can help.

My Services: Services
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